SEO Meta Description | Entice more Visitors

There’s something you may not have given much attention to on your webpages. We see it all of the time when working across both new and old websites!

It might be the difference between someone clicking on your page or deciding to go elsewhere. But what is it?

It’s your SEO meta description.

What is a Meta Description?

This is a brief text summary of what is contained on your page that will show up as a paragraph in the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Page’s). 

Try to incorporate your main focus keyword (e.g. On Page SEO) and additional keywords if possible. It’s good practice to keep it brief i.e. 160 characters or less.

If you are using RankMath, you will be able to find the preview box in your page editor or at the bottom of the webpage. If you click on ‘Edit Snippet’, it will allow you to adjust the meta description. 

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Optimising your SEO Meta Description

Once you have written something nice and snappy for your prospective audience, you should immediately see an uptick in your on-page SEO score.

Don’t worry if you can’t see this, but make sure you have information that is relevant to your page and written in a way to entice the reader to click into the content.

You can get as creative as you like with this to attract clicks (within reason!). 

Here’s ours for our On Page SEO blog page…

SEO Meta Description | Ranki
Beware the Auto-Generator

One thing you need to watch out for is this. If you don’t go to the bother of amending your SEO meta description, it’s likely it will be auto-generated. How does that work?

Typically, your web theme will drag what it perceives as ‘relevant’ content from the page, and dumps it into the meta description.

Of course, this is like rolling a dice. You may come up with a 6, but you may also strike out with a 1! Our advice is to at least double check what your site is throwing out for the meta description. If you are not happy with it (you probably won’t be), then change it!!